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nuka_nuki's Journal

22 July
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Hello all who have made the journey to my page, I'm Nuka! I enjoy simple things in life, not saying that's all I enjoy. I can appreciate just about anything i'd like to think. I find myself loving all types of music, not always for the sound of it, but for the construction of it. I find design beautiful, probably why I'm a graphic designer :) I also really enjoy the north, and the four seasons, especially Fall.

NUKA:: Nuka is my fursona, my first, and main. He's a tanuki (Asian Raccoon Dog) with a wild green mohawk, and green paws. He's a traveling musician, unlike me, and he loves to have a good time. He will always lend an ear for somebody that needs it.
art, biking, culture, dancing, ddr, music, roleplaying...many others.. ask?, rollerblading, swimming, video games