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So..its boiled down to the last semester of my education at Ringling ^__^ I'm very excited to graduate and finally get the hell out of here, but alas I'm sure I will miss it a bit :P I'm remaining pretty darn active on campus while I'm still here, which is good because I seldom get bored. I will be attending FWA in late March, but besides that I'll be doing my best to go out with a bang :D

Sidenote: yes this journal is pretty damn lame lol. I just wanted to post something new :O
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Gaah, its laaate..well where I am at least. Gotta get up in like 4 hours -_-
yikes, i should get to bed..damn..this sounds like a friggin twitter post *gun to head*
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Certain incidents happened a while after I sent my boyfriend a long email expressing my feelings for things he had been doing. I'm not going to express in detail what these incidents were, but they really got me thinking hard about what I wanted the future to be. Well, I've thought about it long and hard, and I've also noticed my boyfriend's hard efforts to make things better.

Since these incidents, my boyfriend and I have talked several times, and slowly but surely we have essentially come to the same decision. For his case, we view relationships too differently. I can't blame him for seeing this, because I have fucked up in the past and taken or accepted inappropriate pictures of friends. Yes I did this, I fucked up, but I would never have betrayed our bond and gone all the way with somebody else, I have too much respect for him, and what we had. For my case, too much happened too quickly, and he can get a nasty temper when dealing with things. These and all things considered began to distance the love I once had for him. I've been searching to find it again for a long time now, and my heart aches when I can only see it as a light in the past..

We have decided to be just friends. This was not an easy decision to make and it took a long time. I've spent too much time with him and gotten to know and love his family and friends too much to just give him and them the cold shoulder. That is also not the kind of person I am, anyone that knows me well enough knows that. I also want to let everyone know that nobody is perfect, people fuck up..I don't hold grudges for this kind of thing, its not worth it because I am not completely innocent in this, I'm smart enough to know that. Too much just happened too fast and ultimately that is what brought us to this decision. I hope nobody takes bias towards one side or the other, that makes nothing better and only breeds unnecessary hatred. My heart aches when I remember the way it used to be, but there is no use feeling sad about it anymore, its in the past. I know in time we will both heal, for the most part anyway.
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About to send my mate a really long email expressing everything I've been feeling lately. I know this is out of the blue, but please, for those who know both me and my mate, don't think any less of me if what he reads leads him to make an unfortunate decision.

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Where to even begin...well we can first off say OMFG amazing con, and second AC for me. Got to hang out with and see some amazing friends, and made lots of amazing new friends ^_^   and here they be (very sorry if i missed anyone, just send me an e-middle finger later or something lol)
crash, waya, vv, sage, cinders, subby, madius, sammy, lancaster, bit, bucker, eccentric, haku, moose, gebji, rok, oddy, razorfoot, infy, shiro, kiska, kuroi, kibble, koinu-kun, indy, robo doby, razz, gixxor, speedwolf, roxas, frisbee, raptorred, irish-fox, odin, edhyena, twitch, nay nay, media, howee, golden wolf, char, furball2k, nerio, atreyu

I got to the Westin on Wednesday around 6pm or so and met up with bucker, moose, gebji, eccentric, and haku, whom crash and I stayed with that night. It was great to see everybody again, and some for the first time ^_^
more showed up later, and we eventually got in suit and started popping the corks and running around the hotel. After suiting for a bit, headed back to the room to discover a large room party in progress, so joined right in to drink a bit more. Finding my brother in the mess of things and completely smashed, i headed back down with him to the lobby area and met even more new friends.

Thursday was more or less a chill day, but there's nothing wrong with that ^_^
got crazy later into the night with the dance and all. Suited up as Nuka for the night and had a blast at the dance, and just running around.

Friday was a blast! Between meeting and hanging out with even more people, and suiting hardcore, there was of course a waterfall of booze consumed and i even suit swapped with subby coon's full suit, and he suited as nuka. Danced our little tails off and was video taped by more ppl than i can count *snickers* probably should have taken more water breaks, because i overheated to the point of a fever that night O_o ...lesson well learned...

And then there was Saturday. Had a great early day as the fever wore off lol and it progressively got even better the later it went on. Met up with the "Stupid Drunk Furries," a band in the fursuit rockband tourney, Odin and IrishFox being two members of it. We got, well, stupid and drunk up in their room before they had to go perform in the tourney. I got into VV's suit that night at first before the dance. Headed down to the dance accompanied by the "Stupid Drunk Furries" and eventually met up with Kiska in the headless lounge, who was wearing kibblepup's suit) and swapped suits with her for a bit till the dance was over. Invited a ton of people up to our room after the dance for a huge room party, which turned out to be pretty crazy. Headed out of the room with Crash, Kiska, Shiro, Koinu, Lan, Kibble, and Subby to go roam around the lobby and eventually Pittsburgh, getting stupid drunk (thanks to a little jar of moonshine O_O) and hanging around down by the river. Eventually headed back up to the zoo where a box of milkbones and a large vat of "yiff sauce" awaited us. Bed eventually called to us around 6am...damn sunshine :P

Sunday was a good last day. Let Odin suit around as Nuka for like 6 hours straight and eventually let the guy run rampant in him as I accompanied subby to a huge dinner party (80+ furries...good god..). Hunted down my suit after dinner and 3 way swapped with subby and madius. Madius wore nuka, subby wore squeaky, and I became "macro gothic subby coon" O_o The dead dog dance was crazy, there were people everywhere and it was amazing! Found shiro dancing around as demon redpup, and eventually headed up to the dead dog party with subby. Drank quite a damn bit up there and got to hang out with twitch, madius, subby, and sammy, which was awesome. Headed back down to the dance and eventually to the lobby, as the party ended early due to some twat stealing the host's iphone..some bullshit right there. Dished with Kiska in the lobby for a good while (thanks for helping me in my epic quest for gatorade btw ^^) and stayed there until about 6am or so, mingling and having a great time. After seeing an extremely wasted raptorred stumble off to bed, I decided it was probably about that time myself, but not before having a conversation with eccentric and haku (love you guys!)

All in all DAMN good con, and other than my body being in "like wtf" mode from me not feeding it a healthy supply of booze every night, I'm dealing with the waves of our dear friend PCD pretty well hehe, can't wait to see everyone again next year!

PICS: http://s973.photobucket.com/albums/ae218/nukanuki/
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So yeah,
The semester is over, ended on the 5th, and its finally time to relax. Or so I thought...I leave my apartment on the 15th of this month, but last Saturday my apartment started flooding in my room mate's room. Clearly constituting an emergency call, we had maintenance come over and check it out. They found a leak coming from the master bedroom's bathtub drain, but couldn't have it fixed till Monday..Well, come Sunday, and I wake up to the master bathroom, the kitchen, and the hallway by the kitchen, completely flooded. We had to have the plumber come out and figure out what the hell was going on.. Well..the plumber couldn't find the leak, so he had to call in a leak detector to come and figure this out. Meanwhile, I'm packing my things as fast as I can, trying to save it all from the water, which by some feat of speed packing, I did.

So...we're staying in the apartment behind our, as our old one currently rots away from water damage. Beh..this couldn't have happened at ANY other time, and now we simply wait till the 15th so we can get out of this mold infested hellhole lol.

~Nuka out!
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If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don't speak often or ever) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me.

It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph in your LJ and see what your friends come up with.

~stolen from theforgottencoon (subby)
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So, its the middle of July already...wow.  School is creeping up on me sooner than I expected it would this summer.  Part of me will be sad to leave, of course, but I really can't wait to get back to Sarasota.  Time to catch up with my friends there, and conquer another chapter of school.  Another super awesome reason is cuz my boyfriend lives in Orlando, and thats not a terribly long drive from Sarasota.  I can't wait to see that fella ^_^

On another note, I saw the band "The Hush Sound" live this evening, and they were fantastic.  For those who know their sound, they are amazing live, for those who don't, this link will make them not so "Hush" for you anymore.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1nhljdqf0E  Enjoy

How i'm feelin: mellow mellow
Tunes: The Hush Sound - love you much better

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Anthrocon 08 was my first AC, and second furry convention.  I had an amazing time there, met some amazing people, and will definitely return for AC 09.  Sucks that its over though, but I suppose that will make the next con i attend that much more fun.  Yay anticipation!  The dances were fantastic, it was such an awesome experience to just let go at the end of the day and dance my ass off.  Thanks to all who danced with me ^_^

Here's a link to my photobucket and the pics i took, sorry the lighting is crap in some of them.

How i'm feelin: awake
Tunes: George Michael - Never gonna dance again (how ironic XD)

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